Windows Apps

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Better File Rename 6.0b18 for Windows

Feature-packed batch file renaming.

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Photo Date Changer 1.09 for Windows

Easily adjust digital photo timestamps.

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Better File Attributes 2.09 for Windows

Change modification and creation dates of multiple files.

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Better File Select 2.19 for Windows

The power of Unix file selection in the Windows Explorer.

Little Apps: ergonomix for Windows

Recent Site News

20th January 2017 Better File Rename for Windows 6.00b18 is getting ready for a final release.
5th December 2016 Better File Rename for Windows 5.57 and Photo Date Changer for Windows 1.09 fix a potential crashing bug.
2nd December 2016 Better File Rename for Windows 6.0b14 fixes a minor bug.
28th November 2016 Better File Rename for Windows 6.0b13 is the first public beta of the forthcoming v6 release.
18th August 2016 Better File Rename for Windows 5.55 features a number of bug fixes.
25th April 2016 Better File Attributes 2.08 makes day light saving dates more intuitive.
11th May 2015 Better File Rename 5.54 adds creation and modification date tags.
22nd April 2015 Photo Date Changer 1.07 adds support for the Canon CRW & CIFF format.
26th March 2015 Better File Rename 5.53 adds support for new movie and video tags.
12th February 2015 Better File Rename 5.52 adds support for GPS tags.
4th February 2015 Photo Date Changer 1.06 adds support for the ARF format.
14th January 2015 Photo Date Changer 1.05 fixes a minor drawing bug.

Mac OS X Apps

For those who prefer their software in white rather than beige...


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Vitamin-R 2.46

Recapture the lost art of joyful concentration. Overcome procrastination. Get motivated.

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A Better Finder Rename 10.15

Feature-packed file renaming with EXIF, MP3, instant preview, multi-step renames, presets and reg ex support.

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A Better Finder Attributes 6.04

Tweak JPEG, CR2, CRW & CIFF photo shooting dates, sync JPEG & RAW timestamps with file creation dates, change file dates, ...

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The Big Mean Folder Machine 2.35

Quickly re-organize even vast file collections.

Noise Machine Icon

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Noise Machine 1.13

Your Personal Productivity Bubble

MacBreakZ Icon

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MacBreakZ 5.31

Your Personal Ergonomic Assistant